Tourism plays an important role for countries, because it guarantates the earning of money. In 2014, there was a worldwide earning of the tourist industry of 1.309 $ (in billion US $).

And of course, water is a large part of tourism.                                          On the one hand, it is often used as a tourist attraction, e.g. famous lakes like the Gardersee or the sea in general are attracting many tourists. For the tourists water has a fun factor, for example visiting water parcs, swimming pools, do surfing, kitesurfing or canoeing.

Water is not just only the reason for tourism, on the other hand it is also a new kind of travelling. Today many tourists make a cruise with ships from large companys like AIDA or they use it as an easy transport to their destination and while their holidays.

Sometimes the supply of all the tourists travelling or staying in a special area with water is very difficult, especially in landscapes like the big deserts (Sahara, Gobi etc.). These are wounderful and interesting destinations, but to organise the water supply is often a challenge.


On the left, there are our presentations about tourism as an economical factor. They are about topics like tourism in turkey and ship transport.

And for sure, water is also used by the tourists, for example as a possibility to relax. To get to know more about that, click here.


In mineral water there are solved different minerals. The amount of the different ions result from the origin source and gives the water its specific taste...