For the growing of plants there is a need of a huge amount of water. It can also affect the environment around the farms and factories.

Places like Alicante are really dry, but have a big production of food. During our meeting there, we could see different forms of irrigation. The countries presented their ways of irrigation. Turkey showed how dripping irrigation helps to use the small amout of water they have in their country.  


In Spain are the greenhouses also a very importent economical factor. We visited some greenhouses in Alicante where tomatoes are the main products.


The pictures at the bottom of this page are pictures of the largest banana plantation in Iceland. The greenhouses with around one hundred banana trees is heated by natural hot water.They are used for research and education purposes. The products are sold in Iceland.



This is the presentation the german students presented at the meeting in Alicante.

We got to know a new technology called hydroponic aquaculturing or how the system is also called the "tomatofish". It combines two older ways of agriculturing in case to reduce problems.

In this presentation of the turkish students you will get some information on different irrigation systems. Also this presentation was part of the Alicante meeting.